When we talk about Theory of Computation, we talk about the branch of Computer Science that deals with the set of problems that can be solved using an algorithm, providing a model of computation.

When we have a problem, the Theory of Computation permits us to answer questions like:

  • Could be the problem solved algorithmically?
  • If the answer of the above question is yes, how efficiently can be solved?
  • Could exists a precise solution of this problem? Or only an approximative one?

In this post we are going to learn something about automata theory, a subfield of Theory of Computation.

Some programs that you use everyday need to find occurrences of a string in a text.
Think about your preferred IDE or simply any text-editing program.
When you misspelling a variable name and you want to fix this, you need to find all the part of the text where the name is present and substitute it.

Giacomo Zanatta

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